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Help to improve transportation in Napa County

Help to improve transportation in Napa County

The Napa County Transportation Authority (NVTA) is in the process of updating Napa’s Countywide Transportation Plan to create a shared transportation vision for 2045. This plan is updated every 5 years. The plan will incorporate ideas from residents and cities across the County. We want to hear your ideas! Learn more and participate below!

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Ways to Participate

Where would you like to see transportation improvements? Add a point to the map and share your idea!

Add as many points as you'd like, or feel free to leave comments below.

Take the survey!

The Napa Valley Transportation Authority (NVTA) is updating the county's transportation plan. The plan, called "Advancing Mobility - 2045" will set policy and spending priorities for the...

Attend an event!

We will be conducting pop-up workshops at public events across Napa County. See upcoming dates below:

  • Upcoming dates coming soon! 

Past events:

  • Sept 18th NVTA Transportation Summit - 4:00-6:00pm at Copia (500 First Street, Napa, CA, 94559)

About the Project

Vision for 2045

Through the Countywide Plan, we hope to create Napa County where:

  • Fewer people drive personal automobiles
  • More people use alternative forms of transportation, like buses, bikes and walking
  • We improve the quality and safety of streets and roads
  • We reduce the overall energy use and greenhouse gas emissions

Plan Goals

The plan goals will revolve around these themes:

  • Equity -  Serve the transportation needs of the entire community regardless of age, income or ability
  • Safety - Improve system safety in order to support all modes and serve all users 
  • Efficiency - Use taxpayer dollars efficiently 
  • Economic Vitality - Support Napa County’s economic vitality
  • Sustainability - Minimize the energy and other resources required to move people and goods 
  • Maintenance & Preservation - Prioritize the maintenance and rehabilitation of the existing system

Developing the Plan

We’re updating Napa’s Countywide Transportation Plan to reflect a shared vision of safe, reliable transportation for 2045. It won’t be complete without your input! We want to know where you’re stuck, and how we can fix it. 

Check out the activities above or the timeline to see how you can participate!

Share Your Ideas (Aug - Oct 2019)

  • Add your ideas to the map
  • Take the transportation choice survey
  • Attend an upcoming pop-up workshop

Review Draft Plan (May - July 2019)

  • Review the draft plan
  • Share your input on the projects and programs in the plan

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